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New case of mild AI in Holland

A new case of AI has been discovered on a poultry firm in Barneveld, a major centre for the eggs and poultry in the Netherlands. The 30,000 hens on the farm, which were held outside, will be culled as soon as possible, the department of economic affairs has said.

The Central Veterinary Institute of Wageningen University has confirmed the strain involved is the low pathogen H7N7.

Restrictions put on poultry zone

Around the farm, a one kilometre restriction zone has been established. Because of the high density of the poultry industry in this part of the country, there are 17 other poultry farms within this zone. They are not allowed to transport any animals, eggs or manure while their chicken have to be kept inside and visitors are not allowed on the premises. These measures will be in place for at least three weeks, the ministry said. The authorities also check all the farms within the zone on the presence of the AI virus.

The Netherlands had four other cases of AI this past winter, all in various parts of the country. In those cases, the strain involved was low pathogene H5N8. Other cases of AI were confirmed in Germany and Great-Britain.

Ruud Peys


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