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145,000 birds culled after AI outbreak in India

145,000 birds have been culled by order of the Telangana (India) government, after an outbreak of H5N1 Avian Influenza. The site of infection is Srinivas Reddy Poultry Farm’s in the Ranga Reddy district. 300 people were deployed to cull the birds.

Indian newspaper The Hindu reports that animal husbandry authorities got word of infection from the High Security Animal Disease Laboratory (HSADL) in Bhopal on Monday, which confirmed 'positive strong' infection in all 11 samples within 24 hours of receiving them.

Feed and eggs being investigated

Surrounding districts and states have been alerted about the outbreak. Feed and eggs from nearby areas - among other things - are being investigated in order to identify the source of the infection.

According to local officials outbreaks in the recent past have been attributed to migratory birds.

Vaccination forces virus to change

Dr. Kulkarni from the High Security Animal Disease Laboratory faulted the poultry industry on various counts for not checking the outbreaks. "The industry does not report incidents of infection efficiently. Contrary to Indian government's dictum to not vaccinate birds against avian flu, poultry farmers do it. Vaccination forces the virus to change and threaten both birds and humans," he said.

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  • Dr A.G RAO

    Dr Kulkarni's view on the incidence of HPAI in India is true. HPAI is not uncommon in India.The industry usually suppress the facts and does not report the outbreaks. Since last two years there have been large number of deaths through out the country which is an open secret. The vaccine manufactureres are also misguiding and taking an advantage of the farming community and adopting wrong vaccination programmes with unlabelled vaccines thus masking the infections and allow the virus for circulation among the flocks.This might lead to more mutations with emergence of new highly virulent AIV subtypes. Classic example of such type is H5N2 which is causing huge mortalities in some parts of the globe. The Government of India should restrict and control of such vaccine manufacturing units through some inspections or what ever you say to stop such illegal activities. Surveillance by the HSADL has to be sincerely done at random throughout the country or else we have face very serious consequences.

  • Subrat Datta

    Is vaccination is needed in India after reporting of LPAI or HPAI, if yes then from which sources or if no then we have to aware the farmer for this.

  • Ahmadulla Khan

    The main thing I observed that least use of disinfectants, water sanitizers in most of the farms. They aware about this but not ready to invest for prevention.
    If these two factors taken care in farms surely they can be in safer side.

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