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AI losses grow to $310 million in US state of Minnesota

Losses in poultry production and related businesses due to avian influenza are estimated at $309.9 million in the US state of Minnesota, according to a newly released emergency economic impact analysis from University of Minnesota Extension.

Using economic modelling, analysts determined that for every million dollars in direct losses, the estimated ripple effect leads to $1.8 million in overall economic losses, including $450,000 in wages. Ripple effect losses stem from factors including reduced wage-earner and business-to-business spending.

The Extension analysis put losses of poultry production - both turkeys and egg-laying chickens - at $113 million as of May 11.

Losses have the potential to double

"These projections represent where we stand as of May 11," said Brigid Tuck, Extension senior analyst, who led the study. "If the virus affects more farms, as we have seen since May 11, the impact levels will rise. If barns stay empty for another cycle of poultry production, these numbers could potentially double".

Poultry production and processing is a $3 billion industry in the state; overall, poultry growers represent about 7% of the agricultural and forestry economy. The study focuses on the state's 80 non-metro counties, where nearly all poultry production occurs.

The extension also concluded that the industry that produces feed for poultry and other animals will be hardest hit by poultry production losses. For every $1 million of lost poultry production, nearly $230,000 of demand for poultry feed is lost.

Source: University of Minnesota

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  • KD Davis

    Once when I was a juvenile probation counsellor in Baltimore, there was a poster on the wall of our office. It said: 'An Evil Mind is a Great Comfort.' If you don't have a conscience, empathy, pity or mercy in your nature, you won't suffer guilt or remorse for the evil you do. If society abets your evil, you will not suffer shame either. It is unlikely that the kinds of people who do these terrible things to birds and other unoffending and defenseless creatures will understand or change, but maybe there is a dimension in which the agony will come upon you. When it does, do not complain. Your suffering can never compare with, or amend, the agony you inflicted, which you were comfortable with, and probably enjoyed, as long as it was others and not you.     

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