News update:Mar 9, 2016

USDA approves new adjuvants for poultry vaccines

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved the safety of the first ENABL ready-to-use adjuvants for vaccines used in chickens. The approval includes a 21-day withdrawal period when ENABL is used in vaccines administered subcutaneously (SQ) to improve immunity against disease.

"Each day is critical when developing and using vaccines to protect poultry health," says Steve Schram, VaxLiant co-founder. "The low, 21-day withdrawal requirement — which is the shortest allowed by USDA for food-animal vaccines — is especially helpful when developing vaccines for practical use. Having access to novel adjuvants that are safety-approved means manufacturers can reference existing withdrawal studies that already have met stringent standards, potentially reducing the timeline for developing new vaccines."

More options to help improve immune response in chickens

Approval of these three adjuvants brings the total of USDA-approved ENABL formulations to 13 — including five for use in cattle vaccines and five for swine vaccines. This means researchers now have more options for developing cutting-edge vaccines to help improve the immune response in chickens, pigs and cattle.

"Access to a variety of ready-to-use ENABL formulations allows companies to select the one that will bring out the best in their specific vaccines," says Timothy Miller, Ph.D., VaxLiant co-founder. "Next-generation adjuvants, like ENABL, aid in the development of new vaccines that will allow us to help improve the immune response to diseases more effectively than ever before."

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