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Chicken droppings: The story they tell

When chicken droppings contain white and green substances….. what does that mean for the chicken?

The image below was provided by Roodbont Publishers and is part of the Look, Think, Act series that will be published weekly on World Poultry. Hover over the icons within the image for more information.

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  • Ogbuh Engineer Emmanuel

    My wife has a poultry farm, As a beginner, one pen contains 800 broilers at five weeks while another set of 1200 at brooding room 20 meters from the first pen and at 6days today has started showing whitish discharge from the anus. The first guomboro and lasts is due tomorrow,what advise can you gI've us to control this signs. About 30 chickens have been separated from the brooding pen this evening. Again should we go on with the vaccination on the 7th day being tomorrow? Pls help us, she is just a beginner. Thanks

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