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Practical training for poultry professionals

Poultry production in 2016 is facing big challenges; to provide healthy food for a growing global population in a sustainable way. But for independent consultant and veterinarian Maarten De Gussem 'Challenges are opportunities and knowledge is the key to success!'. And with this in mind his company Vetworks organises comprehensive training programmes for poultry professionals.

To cope with our challenges veterinarians are constantly updated with the latest knowledge. For example; many academic training programmes are excellent in comprehensive knowledge transfer, where scientific research is compiled in a traditional ‘ex cathedra’ set up. 
Internships provide practical experience but require a long time before the trainee can work independently with the knowledge that has been gathered. A lot of pharmaceutical and supplier companies provide training, but usually there is a focus on topics (and products) where the company has an interest in, which is logical from their perspective but leads to incomplete answers to the problems poultry professionals face day in day out. The best vaccination programmes usually don’t exist out of products of just one company, right?

Practical insights for poultry professionals

Training programmes such as these are valuable, but the quest for more practical insights is huge. Train as you fight, that is what veterinarians want. That is why Vetworks organises independent trainings, where health topics in poultry are discussed in small groups. The trainings translate the latest scientific information into practical solutions for poultry professionals, such as veterinarians, production managers, nutritionists, researchers and decision makers in the poultry industry that want to understand better what the drivers of poultry health are exactly. We want to give a complete independent overview of products of all companies, with their strong and weak points.

Lab demonstrations and necropsies

Each training has a practical session with necropsies performed and demonstrations in the lab. The upcoming trainings focus on gut health, respiratory health or parasitology and are high level and intense, but there is also time for networking with other participants in the beautiful historic city of Bruges. We saw already more than 500 leading poultry professionals participating in one of our gut health, respiratory and parasitology trainings. The experiences the participants got, are of great value. The practical training days give up to date knowledge and give the course members the opportunity to exchange best practices out of their field of expertise and discuss them. That is what brings us all to the next level of knowledge and expertise!


  • Kabir A Chohan

    can we get this training online? what are the cost for this and how to apply for it??

  • athena dion

    Same question, we need more detailed informatioan such as how to apply,etc.thankyou.

  • Mohsen Farrokh Nia

    Good training courses by well known veterinarians but I wish they are held at the same time due to repeated requests for visa and frequent trips!

  • Mohamed ELDESOKY

    we need more detailed informatioan ,

  • Zulfiqar Ali

    Would you please provide details of training event.

  • LEMR Motta

    I need information about the cost and date of the poultry training event. Thanks

  • Mohsen Farrokh Nia

    For more information visit the link below:

  • javad ghanouni

    i am really wait for such as this day ,really wish have been can participate at this train course , believed that so much send message to holland person and poultry magazines that can help for me until see a train period , i am really lover these train.i dont know what say do ?????????????

  • javad ghanouni

    i was members in world poultry and send email for Emmy , fobien, ad bal , please please please dont forgot me.

  • no-profile-image

    In which country/city this will be arranged. and what would be the cast of it. Above all what is the tentative date.

  • Maarten De Gussem

    please have a look at for all training info, location (Bruges, Belgium) and cost!

  • o o olalekan adejumo

    looking up to it , pls the details

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