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Register now for webinar on Antibiotic reduction in poultry

Poultry World is proud to announce that it will host a webinar on antibiotic reduction in Poultry, together with experts from Schothorst Feed Research, Noba BV and Nutriad on the 6th of December 2017.

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In this webinar we will focus on how to implement antibiotic free concepts in feed formulation. During the Poultry World webinar a line-up of 3 renowned speakers will share their expertise on the subject:

Walter van Hofstraeten
Senior Consultant Poultry Nutrition
Schothorst Feed Research

Catharina Nieuwenhuizen
Nutritional & Technical Support Manager
Noba B.V.

Daniel Ramirez
Business Development Manager

The webinar Antibiotic Reduction will last an hour and will start at 3 pm Central European Winter Time on December 6. This corresponds to e.g. 9 am Atlanta, Georgia, 12 am San Paulo, Brazil, 5 pm in Moscow, Russia, 9 pm in Bangkok, Thailand and 10 pm in Beijing.

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