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On demand: Webinar ‘intact beaks in parent stock’

Keeping parent stock without beak treatment and without problems during rearing and production - this was the hot topic of the recently held webinar.

The webinar looked at how to limit the impact of intact beaks on animal welfare in parent stock. This valuable webinar is now available to view.

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Register and view the webinar for free and learn ‘how to’ lessons from senior researcher from Wageningen University, Ingrid de Jong and the product manager Breeders at Roxell, Yousef Daoud.

Photo: Bart Nijs
Photo: Bart Nijs

They delve into the matter and explain the best way forward in stopping the invasive beak trimming procedure, without resulting in feather pecking or even cannibalism.

Click here to view webinar

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  • tooyor barek abbasi

    Hi to all
    It is a long time that in our company in Iran we produce layer day old chicks and dont treatment beak of parent stock . our breed is Lohmann LSL and we are not faced whit any problem .

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