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Thick or thin egg white?

The firmness of egg white tells us about health.

The image below was provided by Roodbont Publishers and is part of the Look, Think, Act series that will be published weekly on World Poultry. Hover over the icons within the image for more information.

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These issues have to do with the birds’ health. Visit World Poultry's health tool to learn everything you need to know about poultry health.


  • M Keenan

    The above narrative about albumin thickness is very ambiguous. The reader cannot tell, by the "hover messages", whether the thin or the thick albumin is a sign of disease. Please correct the wording and make the message clear. Thank you!

  • Annemarie Weijland

    Yes, correct. It would have been better to say:
    'But a thin layer of thick-white could also be a signal of a disease' instead of 'but it could also be a signal of a disease'
    Thank you for your observation.

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