Video 5: Using ionophores to provide long-term control of intestinal integrity

This video will discuss how ionophores provide the first long-term, consistent control of coccidiosis, maintaining intestinal integrity over the life of the broiler.

The ionophores we found have a unique mode of action whereby they allow some subclinical cycling of the coccidia, allowing the broiler to develop immunity, while being protected from clinical coccidiosis by the ionophore. In terms of control of coccidiosis, the ionophores have helped to establish the perfect balance between the coccidia and the broiler.

Here’s 3 reasons why the discovery of ionophores was so important?

  1. Ionophores enable the bird to develop immunity while protecting from the cocci challenge. Low levels of infection are also important to promote the development of immunity. The ionophores do not kill 100% of the parasites, so it is normal to observe mild lesions in production systems using ionophores.
  2. No resistance in the field – continuous long-term use. Because ionophores do not apply high selection pressure the driving force for resistance development is low.
  3. Provide long-term control of intestinal integrity.

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