Health & disease special

What is it? 

A healthy flock is a profitable flock. However, keeping the birds healthy and treating them effectively in the case of a disease outbreak demands a high level of knowledge and the full attention of the farm manager and personnel. The Health and Diseases Special 2016 will focus on the deeper understanding of prevention and treatment of the most costly diseases. Creating healthier poultry through feed, health strategies and management is essential, but even the most robust immune system will not keep all pathogenic bacteria and viruses out. Early detection and treatment with the right instruments in the farm managers ‘tool box’ can mitigate damages. 

 Topics include:

  • Improve biosecurity by learning from existing shortcomings
  • Diseases, early detection
  • Treatment of the most costly diseases e.g. Necrotic Enteritis, E-coli, IBD, Coccidiosis
  • Vaccination
  • Management aspects on farm level
  • Improving the immune system through proper nutrition
  • The do’s and don’ts in gut health
  • And much more!

Publication Month:

  • June 2016

Circulation (print + digital):

  • Magazine: 30,000 subscribers;
  • Newsletter: 23,000  subscribers.
  • Average monthly visitors 36,000 

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