Dirty eggs have to be downgraded, slashing profits.  Photo: Jan van Esch

How to prevent floor eggs?

Besides causing serious back ache, floor eggs cut into farm profits as well. You cannot sell floor eggs as first...

Photo: Ton Kastermans

‘Intrigued by the impossible’

“When the common consensus is that something can’t be done, that is when I get intrigued as a researcher,” says...

A golden yolk is determined by 2 compontents, a yellow base color and red to deepen it. Photo: Roodbont

How to ensure yolk colour?

The ideal yolk colour doesn’t exist, because it is heavily influenced by consumer preference.

A high respiratory frequency is often a good sign the birds is trying to loose heat. Photo: Marcel Berendsen

How to prevent heat stress?

With a core temperature of 41°C, one would think that broilers can withstand heat pretty well. Unfortunately...