Book brings egg industry biographies together

The new book "It All Began With An Egg....and Hatched Into a Worldwide Industry" is a compilation of biographies of the egg industry leaders who helped shaped the egg products industry worldwide.

Written by long-time egg industry man Ken Klippen, edited by Dean Hughson, and with a foreword by Arthur Papetti, this 138-page hard cover book includes biographies from 54 industry leaders from all over the world
Countries represented in the biographies include Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Netherlands, UK and the USA.
The book is a pictorial history of the egg products industry, along with names of those credited for its development and stories associated with it.
Included in the book are accounts from industry men who have passed away including Bob Sparboe, Goody Sonstegard, Dan Gardner, Doc Waldbaum and Steve Steward. Also included are people in their golden years who have long retired from the industry including Vic Henningsen and Connor Kennett from USDA.
The foreword from Arthur Papetti is a touching tribute to those who helped shape the egg products industry, and the photos of the egg industry at the turn of the century show how far this industry has come.
For more information, see the "It all began with an egg..." book website.

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