Organic egg research project near completion

Indian consumers could soon expect to eat locally grown organic eggs, with a tripartite research project nearing completion.

The project is being conducted by the Department of Biotechnology, Venkateshwara Hatcheries Group and the Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center (PDRC).
The research project to develop organically grown eggs and describe their advantages over eggs and poultry developed the traditional way, has completed three phases and is currently under discussion and evaluation with the Department of Biotechnology.
When complete, the organic egg project could provide a boost for the domestic poultry industry, which recently went through a severe crisis after the outbreak of the dreaded bird flu.
"The project is designed to develop the right technology for producing organically grown eggs and pass it on to farmers so that they can then take it to grab a huge potential for the product, largely in the export markets," said PDRC representative Mr Singh. The project was kicked off more than two years ago and industry sources say that it is now close to completion.
"In addition to the fact that it will get Indian farmers an entry into the overseas market where there is a large demand for organic produce, the eggs will also go into nutritional supplements for women and children. There will be significant difference in the fatty acid profile, the quality of protein and the iron content, among other things, in the organic egg," Mr Singh said.

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