UK criticised for relying on Tamiflu

The UK government's reliance on Tamiflu for fighting bird flu has been criticised by an independent UK expert panel.

The Royal Society believes that diverse strategies will be crucial for overcoming avian influenza in the long run, and has criticised the UK government for relying on Roche's neuraminidase-inhibitor Tamiflu as preparation for a possible future pandemic.
The Society noted that the H5N1 bird flu virus may become resistant to the drug over time.
Most global governments are currently stockpiling large amounts of the drug as preparation for a future pandemic. But the Royal Society is skeptical about this single-track strategy.
In its Pandemic Influenza Report, the Royal Society criticises the British government for not sufficiently considering recent scientific developments in preparations for future avian flu management.
The Society believes that exclusive reliance on any single drug, or type of drug, is very risky. It has encouraged governments to consider sensible diversification strategies, including the development and stockpiling of new drug classes and vaccines.

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