Ban on imports of live captive birds extended

The European Commission has approved a proposal to extend a ban on imports of all captive live birds into the EU for a further three months.

The ban, which was first adopted in October 2005 as part of EU preventative measures against avian influenza, will remain in place until 31 March 2007.
The Commission has extended the ban in order to allow sufficient time to consider a scientific evaluation on the impact of live bird importation developed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).
This evaluation became available officially in the middle of last month, and has identified a number of ways in which the provisions for captive bird imports could be improved so as to significantly reduce any risk posed to animal health in the EU.
The EC says it “needs more time to carefully consider EFSA's evaluation before deciding on the most appropriate measures for captive bird imports in the future”.
The Commission's aim is to put forward a proposal on these measures in early 2007.
Given the global avian influenza situation, the EC deemed it necessary to keep the current import ban in place until new protection measures are in place.
In July of this year, the ban was extended for the first time, up until December 31.

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