High price for traditional Christmas feast

Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) in India, has seen high prices this year for the traditional Christmas turkey feast, but customers have been prepared to pay the price for the special bird on Christmas Day.

Arvind Lal Sonkar, the only turkey salesman in Kolkata, says that an average whole turkey, of around four kilos, has sold for more than Rs 1000 (more than 17 euro).
"If one turkey costs Rs 1000, one will have to spend Rs 700-800 for the dressing required to cook it and for the stuffing, only then will one get its authentic taste," Sonkar said.
Sonkar only ordered 400 turkeys for retail sale this year, owing to the inflated prices.
Even though turkey is much more expensive than chicken, families are prepared to pay the premium because, they say, they eat chicken almost every day.
"We have to eat turkey this one time of the year, no matter how expensive it may be," said Rushid Aalam, customer.

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