News update:Dec 22, 2006

Poultry farm to run on solar power

Alan Family Foods in Laurel, Delaware, USA, is to build a photovoltaic system to power its growout poultry house. The system is supplied by WorldWater & Power Corp, involving a US$500,000 investment.

Grow out houses are highly energy dependent in taking day-old chicks and raising them to maturity. In Delaware, the cost of grid electricity has increased significantly over the past 12 months and the industry is looking to solar energy as a cost effective, sustainable energy source for the future of grow out contractors throughout the US.
The Delaware Green Energy Programme has granted $250,000 to help fund the system. The University of Delaware will monitor the Allen project and GE Energy and the solar panel supplier will contribute to the project evaluation study.
The poultry industry is one of the largest employers in Delaware, with some counties having the highest concentration of growout houses in the US.
WorldWater's solar system will significantly reduce Allen's electricity costs and provide back-up power in the event of grid outages to maintain the temperatures critical to large numbers of growing chickens.
Allen Family Foods, employs over 3,000 people. Along with breeding and hatching facilities, feed mills and processing plants, Allen has a farming division that produces feed grains, 28 company-owned growout farms and coordinates with 550 independent contractors that raise chicks for Allen.
Charles C. "Chick" Allen III, Chairman and CEO of Allen Family Foods, comments: "I was happy to have the opportunity to collaborate on a research project that has the potential to reduce costs for these growers. I want to do anything I can to maintain the economic viability of the Delmarva poultry industry."
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