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Freedom to eat

In many countries around the world people have the right of freedom of speech. And in places where rulers do not comply with this human right activists work to get it anchored in their national law. We all believe that this is a good issue to fight for.  (2 comments)

In many countries around the world people have the right of freedom of speech. And in places where rulers do not comply with this human right activists work to get it anchored in their national law. We all believe that this is a good issue to fight for.

What is strange though is that in some countries where freedom of speech has long been accepted and where politicians as well as activists stand up as soon this right is questioned, there are some who are now asking for legislations to limit the freedom to eat.

Animal welfare groups being the strongest opponents of this freedom, wanting to dictate to governments as well as supermarkets on what products should be produced, sold or eaten.

A bill to ban foie gras production or sale, which has been accepted in Israel and several EU countries, is now becoming a major issue in the USA.

The delicacy is already coming of the menu in California, which in 2004 set a 2012 deadline to end production and sale. Chicago has also imposed a ban, despite protests from chefs and the state restaurant association. In reaction to the council's decision Mayor Richard Daley, a strong opponent of the ban, said to the Chicago Sun-Times that the council should get its priorities right. "We have children getting killed by gang leaders and dope dealers. We have real issues here in this city. And we are dealing with foie gras?"

I like this statement and would like to see more people in and outside the poultry industry to stand up and focus on issues that really matter. In this respect I admire the initiative of Laurie Pycroft, a 16 year old boy from Oxford, UK. He was so outraged to see animal rights protesters marching through the street to get attention for their anti-vivisection and animal research ideas, that he wrote his own pro-testing placard and waved it furiously. Within days he had enthused thousands of students and academics and changed the whole tenor of the discussion.

This shows that there are many people outside the industry who do not follow the ideas of animal welfarists, but they have to be mobilised to make society aware of that fact and about what is going on.

The animal welfare movements have been infiltrated by vegetarians whose ultimate goal seems to be to put a ban on all foods originating from animals. Of course they are free to voice their opinion but they also should realise that other members of society also have the freedom to eat what is healthy and to their liking.


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    Morgan Thompson USA

    The animal rights group has no interest in animal WELFARE Those who want humane treatment of pets and livestock should disassociate themselves from PETA. It is a self-absorbed hate group.

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    Alex Smit

    Freedom to eat ends when you make others suffer for your diet. Your argument is the same as a cannibal who says you shouldn't interfere with his diet. Research shows that people who agree with the opinion 'It's not needed to improve social security in our country as long as in the third world people are suffering so much' also agree with the opinion 'It's not needed to give money to third world countries as long as our own social security is making peole in our country suffer'. This people, Wiebe van der Sluis is an example of this, just want to stop improvements.

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    Patricia Neskavich

    PETA is NOT a "self absorbed " hate group!! YOU are very ignorant to say that. I am proud member of the best and most compassionate animal rights group in the world and proud of it. We are doing unprecedented work in behalf of animals and our numberes are growing every day.You can insult us all you want but it wont do you any good.You blast us only because you know we are RIGHT and you cant deal with it.You are envious of us because we have something you meat eaters Do Not, that is love, empathy and respect for all Gods creatures.The world is changing--WE are changing attitudes and you better get with the times and save your activist bashing for another cause, such as promoting a healthy vegan diet or saving animals! God will thank you.PETA RULES!! GO VEGAN!!

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    Patricia Neskavich

    Animal rights activists DO NOT want to dictate anyones diet. Our main purpose is to EDUCATE people on what is REALLY involved in getting that meat on their table and what is REALLY in that meat. Once people KNOW, they can make their own choices.And WE tell the truth, unlike you profit hungry liars.

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    Patricia Neskavich

    Morgan, you are so very WRONG about PETA. We are Not a hate group, we love all animals and work to see them liberated from the horrible bonds of exploitation and cruelty mankind has visited on them throughout history, contrary to Gods purpose for the world He created.We do not hate anyone and only wish to educate people about the horrors of factory farming and the harmful effects meat eating has on ones health.First and foremost, we promote kind and ETHICAL treatment of ALL Gods creatures, human or otherwise. So stop being so judjemental when you obviously dont have your facts straight. Get educated before you put us down. You dont know what you are talking about right now, and to those of us in the know you sound like a real simpleton.

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    Angela Thomas

    Wiebe,the animal rights movement has a primary goal of EDUCATING people. When people become aware of what REALLY goes on in meat and poultry production, the ones who have intelligence and empathy choose a vegan and cruelty free lifestyle. And the others who know, but don't care are to be pitied for their stupidity.AR people do not dictate, we educate. If you want to eat the remains of a once living being no one is stopping you,enjoy your meal and hope to God you dont hear the screams of that dying animal in your dreams.

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    John Norman

    After a thorough perusal of this website, I can only conclude that all of you bloggers are completely lacking of any kind of a moral compass. I would also dare to believe you must all be athiests because no believer in a higher power would justify or condone such despicable atrocities.
    You may consider yourselves scientists, but that is a ridiculous misnomer because in reality you are just a bunch of educated fools. When you are old men wearing colostomy bags as a result of a lifetime of cannibalism,you will not recieve any sympathy from this old codger or your precious scientific community either. I most sincerely hope all of you give this some serious thought, if you can, which I am somewhat doubtful of being that you seem to have a very narrow focus intellectually.

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