CBS to advertise TV season on egg shells

CBS is teaming up with egg-coding company EggFusion in an unusual promotion to attract TV viewers for the upcoming TV season.

EggFusion traditionally laser prints information such as egg expiry dates onto egg shells, but in this case you'll be seeing phrases such as "CSI: Crack the Case on CBS" on more than 35 million eggs from September onwards.

EggFusion claims that millions of people see, touch, and use eggs every day - for example, checking for broken eggs before buying a carton in the grocery store.

The campaign is the latest in a trend towards offbeat marketing that aims to attract customers without using traditional TV advertising, such as Burger King's Big Huckin' Chicken.

But some critics believe that consumers who find marketing slogans stamped on their eggs could become annoyed and frustrated.

Editor WorldPoultry

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