Thailand and Brazil talk poultry tariffs, bilateral trade

The Foreign Ministers of Brazil and Thailand have undertaken to strengthen bilateral relations in trade, investment and tourism between the two nations.

Thailand's Foreign Minister Kantathi Suphamongkhon and his Brazilian counterpart Celso Amorim met during his official visit to Brazil this week.

During the meeting, Mr Kantathi discussed a plan in which Thailand would forge an alliance with Brazil to negotiate with the European Union (EU) regarding its new tariff regime and quota system on chicken exports from Thailand and Brazil.

Currently, the EU has imposed duties of 15.4 percent on Brazil's salted chicken and a 10.9 percent levy for cooked chicken from Thailand.

However, under its new tariff regime, the EU will impose a flat rate of 53 percent for any imports above the given quota, which will badly affect the economies of both countries.

Mr Kantathi said the two countries want to increase their bilateral trade from US$15 billion currently to US$20 billion in the near future.

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