News update:Nov 22, 2007

Australian poultry producers eyeing chicken farming in Malaysia

Two large-scale Australian chicken producers are keeping a watchful eye on the East Coast Economic Region (ECER), Malaysia, as a potential poultry centre.

According to chief economist Dr Yeah Kim Leng, Australian investors have noted the region's potential and are busy collecting information on the viability and cost effectiveness of chicken farming in the area, comprising Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Mersing (Johor).
He added that the region may offer great opportunity for them as the Government is promoting integrated chicken farming and targeting to boost chicken production in the region by 35% by 2010. "Investment within ECER makes sense due to the relatively cheap cost of land and labour compared with the West Coast where land is becoming expensive due to rapid industrialisation and development," he said.
Leng went on to say that the government needs to attract the private sector to get involved and secure new players for chicken farming.

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