Expensive AI clean up in Canada

Following an outbreak in September, Pedigree Poultry is in need of financial aid for a post AI clean up.


Pedigree Poultry, a commercial poultry farm near Regina Beach, Saskatchewan, Canada was quarantined and 50,000 birds were destroyed in September, after the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) confirmed the presence of the H7N3 avian influenza virus.

The Saskatchewan Poultry Industry Emergency Management Team (SPIEMT) has been offered CAN $100,000 to help pay for the cleaning and disinfection of barns, vehicles, equipment and tools. 

According to James Glen, owner of Pedigree Poultry, the total cleaning cost will exceed twice that amount.  He has asked the federal and provincial governments for additional help.  

The CEO of the Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan hopes the cleaning and disinfection will be done by the end of January, this will enable export markets to re-open to provincial poultry. 

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