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Bird flu effects chicken and eggs prices in India

Following the government confirmation of the outbreak of bird flu, the price of chicken products has fallen by over 20% in Delhi's wholesale market, and eggs have become cheaper in Barwala in Haryana.

A poultry farmer in the region has said that the prices fell from Rs 153 (€2.8) per 100 eggs on Wednesday at Barwala, to Rs 145 (€2.6) on Thursday, adding this would influence prices in Delhi as well. Barwala is a leading trading centre of eggs in north India, handling 50 lakh eggs every day.
Egg prices have remained steady in Delhi, but are expected to decline to Rs 155 (€2.8) per 100 eggs from the current level of Rs 165 (€3) per 100 eggs in the wholesale market.
In terms of chicken prices, farm gate prices in Delhi declined to Rs 36 (€0.65) from Rs 46 (0.83) per kg within a day of the announcement of bird flu.
Meanwhile, as poultry farmers fear that prices may slip further on bird flu scare, the industry is guarded in its response by saying the outbreak in a 'remote part' would not affect domestic prices in other areas.

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