Improving competitiveness in poultry production in Africa

The International Conference for improving competitiveness in poultry production in Africa will be held from 5-9 May, 2008, in Saly Senegal.

The overall objective of the conference is the analysis of the mechanisms of poultry productivity and the organisation of the value chains for improved poultry production and competitiveness. Specific objectives include: the analysis of recent scientific progress in the mechanism of poultry productivity and the performance of poultry value chains; identification of future research fields for an improved competitiveness of poultry value chains, and; networking poultry scientists for regional research programmes.
The conference will be organised by the Department of Biological Sciences and Animal Production. Inter-State School of Veterinary Sciences and Medicine of Dakar, University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar, Senegal.
Topics discussed during the conference include: control of heat stress; availability and valorisation of local products and byproducts; health and technologies in disease control; quality of poultry products; economics and international trade; and, poultry production, legislation and environment.

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