Pilgrim's Pride poultry growers squeezed

Many poultry growers are pushing for an increase in the amount they are paid from poultry giant Pilgrim's Pride Corp.

Most of the poultry growers are independent; however, many still rely on contracts from Pilgrim's Pride, which processes more than 7 million pounds of poultry each week at its Union Parish, La., plant, according to the Associated Press.
The poultry growers have said that a a 0.2-cent per pound increase for broilers means nearly $2,000 extra for each typical shipment of 160,000, 6-pound chickens to Pilgrim's every seven weeks.
Thomas Wade, a Union Parish grower says that the word is out that they've got a raise, but adds that he has heard nothing official. "We're really feeling a squeeze," he says.
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