Chicken feet bring profit to Turkey poultry producers

Poultry companies based in Turkey are now earning profits by exporting chicken feet.

Chicken feet are generally not consumed in Turkey and so this "waste product" from poultry production serves no purpose in the country. It is for this reason that companies in the region are exporting them elsewhere.
In 2007, $17 mln of Turkey's total of $105 bln came from chicken feet exports, mostly to China.
“Chicken feet are considered as waste in Turkey,” said the president of the Aegean Livestock Fishery Products Exporters' Association, Sinan Kızıltan.
“But now chicken farmers have the opportunity to export these products to Far Eastern countries.” If chicken feet are considered solely as waste and are not exported, disposal costs the producer, said Kızıltan, so it makes even more sense to export.

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