US: Residents want to sue city over poultry plant

Residents of the city of Morristown, Tennessee have said they suffered for years from the rotting odours from a chicken deboning plant. They have now threatened to sue the city.

A resident, Patricia Stephens' home shares a sewer line with the Koch Foods plant and said the odours are so bad they caused her family and neighbours to vomit. "We had to stuff rags under the doors to try and block the smell," she said.
According to Environmental attorney Gary Davis, representative of 44 property owners, a meeting with a federal judge has been set for 10 January.
"We've begged for help for over two years, the city has let Koch Foods violate the federal Clean Water Act. They won't do anything because they (Koch Foods) are such a big taxpayer to the city. They've made us suffer for their profits," said Stephens.

Addressing the problem
A state official has reported that the city is currently addressing the problem, and Koch Foods has denied the plaintiffs have valid claims.
"It is my understanding that the city of Morristown has taken several enforcement actions against Koch Foods to ensure that issues are corrected," said Meg Lockhart, deputy communications director for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.
"While we continue to monitor the situation very closely, the city of Morristown is handling the issues and city officials are taking the appropriate steps to ensure the industry comes into and remains in compliance."

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