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Dutch coop starts wet feeding of poultry

Dutch feed cooperative Cehave Landbouwbelang is currently investigating the possibilities for a new feed concept: wet feeds for poultry.

This week Cehave, Bonda (wet feed supplier) and Weda (feed equipment) will start a pilot project with wet feed ingredients. If successful the new concept will be launched in the first half of 2009.
Earlier trials with wet feeds showed lower costs and better performance with layer poultry.
Local available wet feeds can attribute to further reduction of cost prices of production and also contribute to a better sustainability of the industry.
First trials have been carried out at Cehave's research farm Laverdonk with layers. A reduction in feed costs of several percentage points was realised. With wet feeds the layers produced heavier eggs and had a better FCR, better uniformity and weight development and less mortality.
Weda developed a special mix and dosing system which makes it possible to supply the wet feeds to the hens in practical layer house situations.
"Wet feeds" are well known in pig feeding and are often by-products of food production materials, such as from potatoes, milk processing and corn processing.

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    Dr. Abdul Qader Samsor

    Dear sir /madam; thanks for new information aboutfeeding trail, but three points came in my mind:
    - the percentage of miosture,
    - how to aviod fungus and bacteria growth,
    - since in backyard or stray chikens also feeding the wet feed from the table leftover but growth and laying production is not reasonable. The preservation of feed will be kept in mined. Thanks

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