EuroTier: egg counting system wins gold medal

Four innovations at the upcoming EuroTier show, held 11-14 November in Hanover, Germany, have been awarded a gold medal by the independent expert commission, one of them directly relating to the poultry egg industry.

Egg counting system
German animal equipment manufacturer and supplier Big Dutchman introduces EggCam at EuroTier - a system for counting eggs with integrated egg weight identification and recording of egg quality criteria (shell soiling) using a video-supported sensor.
In previous systems eggs are counted mechanically or electronically on collection from keeping facilities while there is generally no checking of weight and egg quality. Soiled eggs are only roughly detected visually and if appropriate gathered by hand.
Today, however, fast and objective capture of such information is necessary for optimised plant management. The system makes it possible to determine the egg weight produced by weighing directly on egg collection. In the event of deviations from the target value, suitable correction measures can be taken quickly.
Identification of soiled eggs and eggs with shell defects can be used both to identify problem zones in individual housing compartments and for preliminary grading of eggs.
No comparable system has existed so far in layer hen keeping. It represents an interesting and important management tool for medium to large-sized layer hen operations (for both small group and barn husbandry).
This innovation can be found in hall 11, stand C21
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