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Int'l Ministerial Conference on AI begins tomorrow

From 24-26 October, the 6th International Ministerial Conference on Avian Influenza will begin at the International Congress Center in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

"This important international convention will be held at a significant juncture of our endeavors to contain the outbreak of avian influenza (AI) in animals, and to strengthen global contingency planning to prevent a potential human influenza pandemic," said Prof Dr Hatem El Gably, Minister of Health in Egypt.
"The goal of the conference is to highlight the needs of less developed countries concerning avian influenza.
Under the current situation, the impact of HPAI outbreaks and influenza pandemics is devastating," he said.
"By bringing together the leaders of international organizations focused on building a global response to the threat of AI, our hope is to formulate a plan that can be applied on both a national and global level."
For more information on this conference, click here

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