Malaysia's CAB Group - new Smart single-stage PS broiler hatchery

Malaysia's CAB Group has collaborated with the Kedah State Economic Development Corporation (KSEDC) to expand its poultry integration in Penang with a new Smart single-stage PS broiler hatchery from Pas Reform.

The new hatchery, located at Kedah, is being developed in three phases to produce 1.1 mln Parent Stock chicks each year by 2013.

MR Chuah, director of CAB Cakaran's new GP farm project, explained that aside from cost savings of some 20% and the ability to protect the Group's poultry business from the risks of international embargoes on PS chick imports, PS quality, uniformity and bio-security were also key factors in CAB's decision.

"Pas Reform's Smart incubators deliver a short spread of hatch, which reduces time to the first intake of feed and water," said Chuah, adding that this promotes excellent uniformity in the day olds, simplifying farm management and producing markedly better performance.


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