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No conventional eggs imported into UK

DEFRA has been urged to ensure that conventional cage eggs are banned from imports so they may not be available for sale in the UK after 2012.

EPIC president Aled Griffiths has called on DEFRA to ensure a ban is in place on the import of conventional chickens eggs, as after 2012, this system is no longer legal in the country.

According to Griffiths, there will be approx. 150 mln layers (58%) still in conventional cages in 2012. "With the current banking crisis making it difficult for producers to obtain credit, I believe it won't be possible for the entire EU egg sector to convert in time," he said.

"So with this in mind, it is important to know that there will be a new number four classification in the egg stamp to differentiate enriched colony eggs from those produced in conventional cages," he added. These systems offer nest boxes, perches, scratching areas and more space.

Current egg stamping codes identify the production system the egg was produced under with numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3 representing organic, free-range, barn and cage, respectively.

"After the ban, we don't want any number three [conventional cage] eggs coming into this country and we want only number four [enriched colony]."

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    yunis said

    Its nice to change all the layer farms to the free range, but how could you establish the farms for the same quantity of layers, it means that you need for transfering a quantity of 50,000 layers inside a for e,g 1500 sq.meter shade caged for the floke to at least 5 shades of 1500 sq.meteres, as well as the stuff whome manage the farm from two person or may be three to 10 persons ,more risks for the biosecurity,toomuch pipes for the water supply toomuch cables and wires ...etc..and as a final result, compare the both results which one is better, specially that we haven't find yet any serious disadvantages from the cages on the mean time no advantages we got from the free range, I hope that we need to think deeply and then satisfy or not.

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