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Poultry manure not good for animal feed

Farmers should not use poultry droppings as livestock feed according to Dr John Moseki of the Department of Animal Health in Botswana.

At a one-day workshop on the livestock feed system in Botswana at Sebele Dr Moseki said the use of chicken manure as part of the ingredients for animal feed is prohibited as it could spread costly infectious diseases. He said instead of using poultry manure as animal feed, it should be used as fertilizers in the horticultural industry.

Dr Moseki said the livestock industry in Botswana plays an important role in the agricultural and economic health of the country hence the need to safeguard it at all cost.


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    Tizai Faranisi

    In our experience in Zimbabwe poultry manure is a good feed for livestock especially as nitrogen supplement for the dry season. Its best fed sun dried and obviously one would not use manure from a sick flock. Most big poultry producers who run beef herds do use poultry manure successfully and you can check this in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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