Trade Vet launch Orego-Stim® in South Africa

Orego-Stim® is now registered in South Africa by Trade Vet CC as a feed additive for use through the drinking water.

Trade Vet holds the registration and as part of the product launch, they recently organised a series of seminars with many poultry farmers and veterinarians.

Dr Justin Tan, senior technical manager at Meriden conveyed the latest thinking about the use if Oregano Essential Oils in poultry production, a subject which could easily have been dismissed but gained credibility by the scientific analysis at these events.

Dr Jean Cilliers (B.V.sc.(Hons)), Trade Vet: “I was very pleased with the attendance and the valuable participation at the recent seminars. We are already seeing our customer base and sales grow.”

According to the company, using Orego-Stim® in the feed or water will benefit broiler and layer production by: helping to maintain a healthy immune system; maximising intestinal health;
producing drier faeces + drier litter = less ammonia; reducing mortality; decreasing incidences of diarrhoea caused by common intestinal diseases; improving efficiency of growers; providing extra protection during stressful periods; improving growth rates and feed conversion ratio; improving the efficiency of layers and uniformity of the eggs; increasing egg production, and reducing the number of cracked, inferior and dirty eggs.

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