EU allows China's poultry exports

After 6 years, the EU market has re-opened its doors to Chinese poultry meat products. Shandong, however, is the only province in China allowed to export poultry meat into the EU nations.

The first 600 t of cooked chicken meat has been transported to Europe by Shandong Zhucheng Foreign Trade Co., Ltd from Qingdao to the Port of Antwerp in Belgium.

The EU prohibited the import of animal-source products from China in January 2002, saying that the Chinese residue pesticide system did not reach standards set down by the EU. Then in January 2004, the EU banned the import of poultry products originating from China due to the bird flu outbreak in the country.

In July this year, the EU Committee announced that it allowed member states of the EU to resume import of China's cooked poultry meat products from 9 companies.

Poultry meat exported from Shandong Province makes up half of China's total export, with its cooked poultry meat exports accounting for 60% of the national total.

Source: China's People's Daily Online

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