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US: Poultry consumption lowest in 7 years

The supply of poultry and red meat was sufficient throughout most of 2008, however, per capita is reportedly the lowest in 7 years, says the US Livestock Marketing Information Centre.

The Centre states that estimated per capita total red meat and poultry consumption in the US in 2007 was 221.3 lbs per person. However, the contraction in the hog and poultry industries during the 4th quarter along with declining cattle slaughter numbers could result in this number dropping by as much as 3 lbs per person in 2008.
Current forecasts show that per capita consumption on a retail weight basis will be about 217.9 lbs per person. This is the lowest amount since 2001.

Continued declines are expected in 2009 and 2010 as a result of production cuts in both the US and Canada.

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    yunis said

    the consumption decrease as a direct result of the finance crises,their is no other reason ,you can see the consumption in the 1st quarter of the next year which we all wish it to be better by passing over the finance crise and then we can compare.

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