News update:Feb 6, 2008

Chicken wings in high demand for Super Bowl

As people around the US are cheering for their favourite team in the Super Bowl, it is likely they'll have a chicken wing in each hand.

Approx. 94 mln people feasted on 465 mln chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday, says a USDA/AMS report.
The poultry industry produces about 11 bln chicken wings per year, or 42 mln wings per business day. Sunday's consumption equaled 11 days of production, according to the report.
According to Campus Wings owner Mark Karst, Super Bowl Sunday is always the craziest and busiest day of the year. He says that by 14:00 on the day of Super Bowl they were "already in the thick of things". Never mind the action on the day, orders were coming in up to a week in advance.
"We'll have orders for 900 wings, 600 wings at one time, 200 wings, 400 wings, big orders," said Karst.
About 40 pounds of chicken comes in a case, but getting git from the case to the styrofoam takeout box takes a lot of preparation and a lot of oil.
"We have two fryers going. One takes 3 1/2, 35-gallon big things of oil the other one almost takes two," said fellow owner Debi Karst.

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