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Aimed at the international poultry industry, World Poultry magazine translates scientific knowledge and practical experience in a way which can be used by all poultry professionals worldwide.

Highlights from this months issue..
• Editor of World Poultry magazine, Wiebe van der Sluis, looks at the tremendous potential that India has as a competitive player in the global poultry industry.
• The hidden danger of aflatoxins - Ignoring the danger may results in huge losses in bird performance and even mortalities.
• Global egg production is increasing - The IEC annual review reports that major regional differences and structural changes characterise the current market situation.
• New initiatives to understand and treat blackhead - The ban of the only effective drugs has lead to new insights into the disease and alternative ways to protect the birds.
• Turning costly waste into energy saver - Through burning waste, companies gain energy and a profitable end product in return.
This plus much more in the up-coming issue of World Poultry.

Editor WorldPoultry

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