Ireland predicts stable poultry sector in 2008

The European poultry market recovered from the effects of bird flu that surfaced in 2006, with broiler wholesale prices up 18%.

According to Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board, production in Ireland increased 3% and broiler output 7%. This resulted in exports of €253 mln (£187 mln), which is an increase of 5% on 2006.
In terms of value, processed poultry, including value-added products and chilled cuts, comprised 60% of total Irish exports, with the UK being a key market.
There was a general increase in demand for poultry products in the EU in 2007; however, this was coupled with an increase in the cost of feed, packaging and labour. Additionally, there was also strong competition from cooked poultry imported into the EU from Thailand.
Bord Bia predicts that the EU market for poultry will remain stable in 2008 with production and consumption levels up by 2%. A modest price increase for poultry is also expected.
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