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Do we care enough about water?

This topic has been of special interest to World Poultry (WP) magazine over the past few years. I have seen many articles in WP that have discussed this very important issue from different aspects.

This topic has been of special interest to World Poultry magazine over the past few years. I have seen many articles in World Poultry that have discussed this very important issue from different aspects.
Supplying an adequate quantity of quality water is very important to bird health and production performance. Monitoring of water consumption, as it also relates to feed intake, can be a useful tool for evaluation of a poultry flock's status .
It is always recommended that poultry drinking water should be regularly tested for microbial (total bacterial count and coliform bacteria) and chemical characteristics including pH, total hardness, calcium, magnesium, chloride, sodium, sulfate, iron, and nitrates (3).
Here a few questions that we can discuss in this blog:
1. We are usually not as concerned about water as we are about feed in poultry farms. Why? 
2. How often do you take water samples and send them to lab for chemical and microbial analyses? 
3. How does quality of water affect efficiency of vaccination through drinking water? 
4. How serious are you about cleaning of water lines in your poultry barns?


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    Dr Babatunde Bello

    Scientifically, technically and operationally, water should be accorded the status of the number one nutrient for poultry performance. No matter how performance enhancing the poultry feed is, water remains the vehicle of driving performance. This factor is well appreciated in Africa and particularly in Nigeria where availablability of safe and right quantity of water is often a limiting factor to profitable performance.

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    Jan van Geest Intracare

    Dear Mojtabe Yegani, thanks for your very good topic. “The statement water is water, has already gone, now a days we see the influence of bad water quality”. With this sentence we always are starting our presentations and educations.
    One of the problems, is the fact that a lot of people are writing about water and cleaning, and telling that acids or chlorine are cleaning, this is one of the mayor problems, acids and chlorine can just disinfect and no cleaning at all.
    People have learned that water is just water and they forget that with the high performance now a days, that the water has to be from perfect quality, as the water intake is almost twice then the feedintake, we also use the sentence "water the most important nutrient"
    Watch out with products like peracetic acids as they are very corrosive and are suspected to promote cancer

    Jan van Geest

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    Rotimi Omole

    Mojtaba, I must commend your effort in bringing up this important, byt often neglected by some backyarders.
    I must confess too, I know the fact that a good drinking water must be provided for poultry all the time, but never thougt of taking sample for test as recommended in your write-up. Thanks for educating me.
    Rotimi Omole- Ollimountain Farms- Nigeria

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    Dr Chanthirasekaran, Kemin India

    Dear Mojtabe Yegani,
    A right topic in the right time for discussion.

    Water is a very essential nutrient, a bird requires for its life. But do we give the importance to water which actually deserves. A bird requires 2 -3 times of water as that of feed intake. An ordinary broiler farmer awares about this fact. But in reality, in India, the number of feeders for broilers are kept @ 1/ 50 birds and the drinkers 1/ 100 birds. Logically the drinker should have been kept in double the quantity.

    One has to look into the following important parameters in deciding the water whether it is suitable for poultry: a)its microbiological quality; which shall be taken care of by treating the water with an efficient sanitizer/ organic acids. Select the product which shall have effect in water for more than 20 hours since the practice of mixing the water sanitizer in commercial farms is once in 24 hours. b). The second important parameter is pH of water. The digestion in the bird takes place at an acidic pH. If drinking water of poultry has an alkaline pH, it will interfere in notmal digestion and absorption; also alkaline pH enables the growth of pathogenic organisms. One can use an efficient organic acids combination for this. c). Third important parameter is hardness of water. Water hardness above 180 ppm is not suitable for poultry. With high pH and high hardness of water, the birds' digestion is impaired and also the efficacy of medication and vaccination will come down. One can opt for sand filter for reducing hardness of water at the field level in commercial farm, which is a feasible option. R.CHANTHIRASEKARAN, Kemin, India.E mail :chanthirasekaran.r@kemin.com

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    Akanji Foluso

    I must confess that you guys are doing a great job.I think farmers need to be educated on the importance of water and the quality of water given to their birds especially in Africa.

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    woye samuel- Nigeria

    Dear Mojtaba,it's been so good to have somebody like you talking about water in poultry farming:Most of our farmers doestn't take it into consideration that good source of water is highly essential to the well being of their flocks performance

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    good water is reqiured for sound health status of poultry

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    imad abdalsalam

    Water hygiene is the factor must grower take it seriously
    in sudan we always suffer from water rich with microorganism(coli form bacteria salmonella and viruses and fungi)and organic matter although the solution is simply adding organic acid the acid attack the bacteria which survive in optimal ph rolling between 4 and 7 and taking accurate sample from different places and take care of the flow rate of drinking water system

    Sudanese Veterinarian

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