Poultry processors welcome Tasker scalder

Tasker Products Corp., distributor of proprietary technology to inhibit pathogenic bacteria, has installed its equipment to dispense its poultry processing application, Tasker Blue, in plants of two new customers.

Tasker's recent presence at the International Poultry Expo and the pending testing policy changes to be implemented by the USDA's Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) have highlighted the benefits of Tasker Blue in inhibiting bacteria in the scalder intervention point and potentially improving a production line's yield (regarding weight).
"We have been very busy meeting with poultry processors around the country. Interest in Tasker Blue has spread since the FSIS published new policies for Salmonella verification sampling, which are scheduled to begin on 28 March," said Tasker's executive chairman Greg Osborn. "Tasker Blue is the leading product in the control of bacteria in the early stage intervention points of poultry processing. We are in the process of scheduling more installations at poultry processors as a result of these meetings."
Source: CNN Money
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