Philippine broiler chicken industry to expand

The Philippine broiler industry expects to grow by 21% in 2008, despite risks of oversupply and high production costs, said an industry official.

Rita Imelda Palabyab, president of the Philippine Association of Breeders and Integrators, recently stated at the 2008 National Food Summit that this growth can “assure everyone of sufficient supply of chicken this year”, reports the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
“However, it comes with major risk for producers, not only from possible oversupply but also from high increases in the prices of feeds and raw materials driven by growing demand for biofuels,” she said, adding that feed and feed ingredients constitute about 65% of a raiser's production cost.
In light of this, Palabyab urged the government to address three major issues concerning the Philippine broiler industry.
“Our first appeal is for the Philippines to maintain priority in the use of corn for food and by extension, for animal feeds,” she said.
“Second, [there is a] need to strengthen our country's disease surveillance and meat inspection system, not only to ensure food safety, but to also open more opportunities for export,” she continued, adding that with the country's bird flu-free status, the Philippines can expand its export market. The Bureau of Animal Industry said it expects chicken exports to Japan to increase by 33% to 8 mln kg this year, boosted partly by a projected increase in local production.
“Lastly, as we negotiate in the WTO and enter the different free trade agreements, we urge the government to preserve the current tariff structure for chicken so that the industry can continue to be a positive contributor to the country's food security,” she concluded.

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