News update:Jun 2, 2008

China builds massive poultry feed mill in Bangladesh

One of China's largest animal feed producers, New Hope Group started production at its newly built feed mill in Gazipur, Bangladesh earlier this year. The plant has the capacity to become the largest in the country.

The New Hope Feed Mill is producing and selling poultry feed under its brand "New Hope". It also intends to manufacture fish feeds.
At the same time, local competitors fear the entry of such a big conglomerate into the local feed industry, saying it might drive small local feed companies out of business. However agricultural analysts said it would increase competition and help farmers get quality feeds at a competitive price.
"It will be tough for small scale manufacturers to survive in the business as New Hope will enjoy low production costs due to large scale production," said Moshiur Rahman, managing director, Paragon group, one of the country's biggest animal feed producers.
Moshiur said the production capacity of New Hope will far outpace the existing production capacity of many local manufacturers. The total production capacity of our four feed mills is about 55 tonnes per hour while New Hope alone will produce 30 tonnes per hour, said Moshiur.
owever, Shah Habibul Haque, in charge of Aftab's poultry and feed businesses, is eager to compete. "We will be able to compete through our quality and marketing efforts," he said.
The New Hope Group, which has businesses ranging from animal feed through real estate to finance, has also invested in Vietnam and Philippines.
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