Uganda lends helping hand to poultry industry

The Uganda Rotary club (Bweyogerere branch) has given out free day-old chicks to several women's groups an effort to help strengthen and expand the income and self-employment capacity of those women.

The president of the rotary club Sikolastika Nasinyima handed out the chicks to Agali-awamu women's group, Mirembe women's group, Balikyewunya women's group, and Lwf women's group. The birds were then passed on to the members.
According to Nasinyima, this support is only the beginning and that her club will do all it can to encourage and assist more women to join commercial rearing of poultry in the area.
In another related development, Kira municipal council has also started a programme through which it is giving out birds to youths, women, and groups in areas of Kira, Namugongo, Kyaliwajala, Bweyogerere and Banda. This is also an attempt to boost the level of income generation and self-emloyment in the municipal council.

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