15th Congress of the Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations

Can the global economy tolerate higher food and oil prices? This is the question that will be at the forefront of the 15th Congress of the Federation of Asian Veterinary Association, “Food Safety: Veterinary Roles for the World Kitchen”, held 27-30 October in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Congress is aimed at promoting the co-operation of  the regional and global agro veterinary industry sectors; providing an academic exchange among the researches; and building linkages between veterinarians for monitoring zoonosis and other emerging diseases in the Asian region.
These topics will be the focus for the approx. 1,200 local, regional and global livestock development experts, veterinary officers from government and private sectors, academic researchers, veterinary practitioners and students, who will be in attendance at this the congress. The congress as also, additionally, celebrating its 60 years of “solidarity of ethics, professional science education, research and national development”.
Among invited speakers will be authorities on food safety, who will discuss the impact of emerging diseases and their cross-border spread, providing a safe food supply in an environment of responsible animal care and welfare, and the importance of regional cooperation in the good governance and strengthening of veterinary services.
Many subjects will also be dealt with under the heading “Providing a Safe Food Supply in an Environment of Responsible Animal Care and Welfare”, which will be FAVA's major focus, along with how governments and various sectors of the agro industry can and are dealing or proposing to deal with the current food crisis that has witnessed not only rising prices for farmers, food producers, also hypermarkets, one-shop owners and most of all the public.
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