Poland to increase meat exports to Russia

Warsaw wants Moscow to expand the number or accredited livestock produce suppliers to Russia.

Limited companies
Thus far, only six Polish meat companies have been permitted to supply Russia with beef and pork, nine with poultry, 20 with dairy produce and one with egg products. Four companies have a license to store agricultural products prior to onward shipment to Russia.
In January 2008, Russia and Poland signed a memorandum lifting the ban, which was imposed in 2005 over claims of low quality imports.
Since the memorandum was signed, Russian inspectors carried out inspections of several Polish meat producers, but only five had received accreditation to export to Russia, according to Jerzy Rutkowski, head of the Polish embassy's economic department.
More meat
"A little more than 4,000 tonnes of meat was delivered to Russia from Poland from the start of this year until the end of April. This is an insignificant amount," the embassy official said, adding that Poland would like the number of its meat exporters to Russia to increase several fold.

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