Swazi poultry farmers lack reliable suppliers

The liquidation of Kharafa Trading has left a huge gap in the poultry industry in Swaziland, as a large number of poultry farmers are still without a constant supplier of layers.

Before its liquidation over two months ago, Kharafa Trading was one of the major suppliers of layers, poultry feed and day-old chicks for most poultry farmers.

The liquidation has left many poultry farmers without a constant supplier nearby, as some of the other suppliers of poultry are further away from town centres.
Chairman of the Egg Producers Association, Alson Dlamini, said most of their 100 members still had no constant supplier for layers.
"There are other companies that may say they will supply us but only a limited number of layers. Other companies have bluntly said they cannot supply us with layers.
"This has resulted in a situation where poultry farmers are stranded without a constant supplier of layers. Many of our members are grounded because of this," Dlamini said.
No business
"Poultry farmers are losing a lot because of the current situation. Farmers in the business are losing at an alarming 100 percent rate, which basically means that there is little business movement at the moment."
Dlamini had said late last year that they were involved in negotiations with a South African supplier and that they had hoped that the supplier would start supplying them early this year.
"We are still trying to reach an agreement with the South African supplier. However, the supplier requires us to deposit a certain amount of cash upfront before they deliver.
“This could create problems for local poultry farmers to a certain extent, especially to those who may not have the money upfront."

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