51% of greenhouse gases come from agriculture

The global agricultural industry is responsible for 51% of the total emission of greenhouse gases according to environmental experts Robert Goodland and Jeff Anhang from World Watch Institute in Washington.

This statement is a reply to the report 'Livestock's long shadow, environmental issues and options' that the FAO published in 2006. In this report it is stated that agriculture "only" atrtibutes to 18% of the total greenhouse gases released in the environment.

Methane underestimated

According to Anhang and Goodland it is especially the methane emission that is being underestimated in the FAO report. They also say that the animal numbers were too low in the publication what of course leads to a lower emission.

More information can be read here: 'Livestock and Climate Change - What if the key actors in climate change are…cows, pigs, and chickens?'

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