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Hubbard and CPGP: Poultry school in Egypt

The well-attended 13th CPC Poultry School took place at the Club Azur resort in Hurghada on the Red sea in Egypt from 26 September to 2 October.

Many customers attended the 6-day event with many interesting presentations on breeding, incubation, management, nutrition, physiology and veterinary issues.

International speakers were Dr. James Bentley (Hubbard nutritionist consultant) who updated the group on the production of feed and the management of the Hubbard Classic breeder female; Claude Toudic (Hubbard senior technician) who spoke on water quality and ventilation; and, Alastair Lewin (Hubbard senior technician) who updated the group on management of the Hubbard M99 breeder male and farm factors affecting hatchability.
Egyptian speakers were Dr. Said Shalash on nutrition, Dr. Alaa Abdou on genetics and ventilation, Dr. Hassen Byoumy on management, Dr. Abd El Rahman on physiology and reproduction, Dr. Fernando Para on chick quality, Eng. Adel Saudi on bio-security and Dr. Awad on respiratory diseases.

At the end of the event each participant received a memory stick with all the talks in English and Arabic and many Hubbard technical presentations and bulletins.

Hubbard was co-sponsor of the event.

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    Iam a poultry veterinarian from Kenya but at this time in Egypt, trying to assess the control measures taken against HPAI and see why endemicity set in. The topics covered in your seminar are extremely important for the Egyptians. I hope the local speakers could be facilitated to disseminate the same messages to the field vets working on poultry in the Governarates. This would result in better managed birds and a higher level of biosecurity, so important for a successful vaccination programme. Yes we have Hubbard in Kenya and they do very well (gotten some from France, and lately South Africa).

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